Thursday, May 5, 2011

Location Change

Hi Fans

I am going to be focusing on another blog for the next couple months.

The new Freyja blog will still capture Fernie events, Fernie interests, ranting, raving, music, and even more.

Check it out!

Thanks and have a sweeet ass summer!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Dammit, basically all the teams I was backing are now out. Sonofabitch!
Not yet decided who to follow now, stand by!

Friday May 13th

Hey Bulldogs is gonna be closed for the month of May, sooooo this is setting up quite nicely to be the party of the month for May.  Naturally tickets are gonna sell out as people are pretty amped to support this show and come out for a sick band and the reveal of the Wapiti line up for this August. Bomber!
Tickets $20 at Midges Mags.
Freyja had some, only 10 left now....


Vitamin D - no sun around here!

Well, I guess its back to popping Vitamin D supplements.
I went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks in April, and it feels like a year ago now with this weather.
hahahah Global Warming my ass!

What the?

you may have seen the ads in Sports Illustrated Magazine with Karen O for the new Wild Tea flavored Absolute Vodka, Im curious.

They recommend for a


3 Parts Lime Juice

2 Parts Simple Syrup

Over ice of course, sounds nice.
Gonna track down a bottle of this and the Jack Daniels Tennesse Honey and let you know how it goes...

Haters Gonna Hate

I loved the Royal Wedding. I dont wanna hear all the bitching and complaing about this and that and that and money blah blah blah, and who is too cool to watch. How absolutely brilliant that 2/3's of the world can tune in and celebrate love. Hell we tune in and mope about so many terrible strifes happening in the world. Why not a celebration of love?
Its not that bad. It was traditional and proper and classy and I dont think its a bad thing that we can reflect back on what is so important and what our traditions are, and how we carry them forward in to the future. I say thanks for the reminder Kate and Will, and thanks for demonstating to all the followers of many trashy role models today that this is how a lady acts. And fairy tales do come true.

The crowning momemt for me was when I realized Catherine Middleton's dress was identical to my mothers wedding dress, who is also named Catherine, always knew my ma had class and style.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Famous Dance Moves

My good old bud from Cranbrook, is out in Vancouver these days, wasnt sure how he was till I came across this on You Tube, I dont have the heart to tell him that even the sikkest dance moves wont help the nucks ahahahhahaha

Watch all 4 PARTS here on You Tube

I Love Playoffs

Its Playoff time!! One of the best parts to spring time. And it aint spring out, sooo thats why its okay to just throw yourself into it.

My Flames are out, so basically Im routing to my back pocket teams and running with it. Like the Chicago Blackhawks for instance, I feel obliged to cheer for them because I am one of Wayne's Worlds biggest fans.

I look forward to the next game, whatever it is really.
I think for tonight Im going to make some homemade crab and avacado sushi avec ponzu sauce and kick back with a glass of sav blanc, perferably something from New Zealand.

what a girl really wants

making more of an effort!

Ive been busy slacking off blogging, I got in heck for it the other day from two nameless shits!
Once you get into the Twitter world, blogging is just so much more time consuming, but I will make an effort to get back on the blog train, I miss my fans!

Jack Daniel's Launches Tennessee Honey: First New Whiskey in a Generation

Jack Daniel's Launches Tennessee Honey: First New Whiskey in a Generation

 by David Kiley (RSS feed)

Mar 18th 2011 at 4:01PM
Jack Daniel's is about to roll out its first new expression in a generation: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey.

The new libation starts with Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 and mingles it with a special honey liqueur. The result is a smoother, sweeter version of Jack that is just 70-proof. It is a clear and understandable attempt to pull more women into drinking Jack. There is even a cute honeybee on the label. Older drinkers might take a shine to it, as well. I can see my late Aunt Letitia or even my North Carolina Gram sipping Jack's Honey.
The addition of liqueur does give the finish a vaguely medicinal, cough-syrup taste in the background of other flavors like butterscotch, pear and honey.
Bartenders are just getting samples to play with, but I can see Old Fashions being made with Jack Honey, as well as Mint Juleps that are made with Old No. 7 instead of Kentucky Bourbon. The Derby is right around the corner, too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The rest of my week is filled with work stuff, so when I looked on Bulldogs FB page and saw the next couple shows lined up, kinda got amped. Funary is the best!

DJ Incognito with DJ DOPEY opening this SATUDAY. COOL!

Feb 17th - Featurecast! Only $10 Download Promo Mix HERE

The Grand Cental and Smitten are also doing there Lingerie Fashion Show FEB 11th! FB HERE

Coming Soon

I was bored tonight so I went to look around Crappy Tire, how awesome was it that when you first walk in right now there is a spread of new 2011 BBQs on the floor. It realllllly warmed my heart. Spring is coming people! BBQ season will one day be upon us and I will be ready. The picture above is not me and my dog, but merely a dream idea I have of my one day outdoor kitchen/party area. BBQ LIFE!!


Um because of someone very AHHH-MAZING, Im totally going to the WINTER CLASSIC for my birthday this month. Am I excited?  pfffffft.....YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

I already have my Heritage Classic official Flames toque! BAM!
Im watching updates and getting excited here.

March 18th

Guess who was just asked to be a judge for Mr. Fernie 2011????
Muhahahahhahahahahhaha YESSSS, I feel so honored!
Its all going down at the Central March 18th. Check out there FB Fan Page for info.

This Friday

She drops her new album, and think its gonna be pretttttty coooooool. I love her!


Dont forget this 9th and 10th, the once only available in America McDicks breakfast biscuit FOR FREE!!! SICK!!! Cant Wait! (Please all you 'hippy' people keep you insightful, righteous and completely predictable comments to yourself)
Not many people in Fernie share my affection for fast food, I think we need to start and underground fast food appreciation club. We can have meetings at McDonalds, no one will see us there! Muahahahahha


I figured out how to incorporate more fruits in to my winter diet. I crushed up some fresh raspberries in my Glenlivet 12 yr scotch. and you know what, it wasnt bad, wasnt over powering, the carmelnes was icey cold berry goodness. Perfect scotchy ending to a quiet winter afternoon.

The Best

Ive been running all winter, in temps as low as -21, and truly the best way to keep your feet warm is with a good ol pair of classic dad socks.
Ive had the $30 ski shop wool socks, Ive had experiments with layering and even duct tape. Basically this one single pair of wool socks from Cambodian Tire does the trick. I love these socks, they are even making a real fashion statment these days too. Lovely!

Ps. side note,
Ive been running in wintertime for many seasons. If you are being lazy and trying to drum up reasons not to run outside cuz its "too cold", I hearby call your bluff. Suck it up! Getting off the couch is the hardest part okay, once you get out there its great and you'll feel better about your ol waistline come this spring. Dont give me any shit about "slipping and falling" either, I have *touching wood** never fallen in the wintertime. In the 10+ years Ive been running, I have fallen and eaten shit twice, and it was both in the summertime on a gravel road. Same place actrually, Cokato road, road rash and bruises all down my bod, so sad. True story.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


No one in the universe was more happy to see the reunion of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey for Waynes World, then me and my sister. This past SNL was theee best SNL I've have seen in years! YEARS!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What is the Internet?

Some dude at NBC found this clip and uploaded it to You Tube and got fired for doing so, I find this HIGHlarious!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

If you haven't already...


This fall I embarked on a long long time dream. I took the first step to one day becoming a sommelier and took my level 1 wine fundamentals class. After 6 weeks of driving to Calgary for class, drinking and drinking, spending lots of money, it was all worth it for the 97% on my transcript. CHEERS!

Keeping with my theme of education AND drinking, I spent last Friday night in Calgary attending my Level One Scotch class. I only really got into scotch/whisky a year or two ago. Turns out, Im completely fascinated! When I walked in and realized I would be toasting and sipping with many older gentlemen all night I somehow felt completely at home and LOVING IT.

I did pick the weekend that the monster snowfall alert came into effect. So, rather being safe then sorry, I stayed an extra night in Calgary missing my beloved BCDC concert. Wasnt bad tho,  I found myself drooling and blowing my wallet in the Kensignton Wine Market along side my long time partner in crime Jennifer Cliffay. Later that night with the snow falling, Sex and the City and temp dropping we opened one bottle with Jenn's AMAZING slowcooker dinner. The Borgata Pinot Grigio, from the Veneto area in Itlay was really perfect, cuz it reminded me of patio sipping, which will one day come again! I needed a glimmer of hope that summer will be back again.

I shall report in on my gold wine finds there later.  But first, I just have to share, even if you have no desire to learn how to taste whisky, you gotta see this vid!  This dude is FOR REAL! Love Him!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Betty White!

Betty!! Wow, it seems everyone takes thier top off at some point. I feel im past my chance, my 30th Bday is approaching fast.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thank you Fernie!

Freyja was voted GOLD #1 Fashion Hot Spot
in the Fernie Fix's Best of 2010 Survey!!

Also voted Silver for Best Accessories and Jewelry!

The full results of all catagories will be posted on this Monday!

xooxox Thanks Again!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fernie #2, Canada's Next Most Liveable City

So, I dont really know who reads this and how much impact it REALLY makes, but someone at ranked FERNIE BC as the #2 Next Most Liveable City in Canada. Yes all of Canada, read here .

Wow, how lovely and great press for us. Even if it just gets one young family thinking of moving here that press was worth it.

However, I do think that there needs to be a disclaimer on the bottom. Even though its a bloody flannel paradise up here in Fernie. Bring money! You wont make your millions here, you technically should come here with money already and then live your liveable life. Dont plan to make the money you need to live your best life here, that aint gonna happen.

I cant believe I didnt write this song myself

BEST of 2010 by Smalltown Djs

Ya, if you havent downloaded this already you should, I still have it on repeat in my car and my ipod.
Jus saaaaying

Dancefloor Musings

What, The, Fuck has happened to dancefloors across the world?

Flashback 100 years: People square dance, clap, drink, overall be merry and have a good time. Men chase cute girls.

Flashback 50 years: People discover rock and roll, learn to rock, learn to shake hips, women tease men with hips and scream for Elvis or the Beatles. Dancefloors are rockin!

Flashback 40 years: People have a really good time shaking hips, women are looser, disco is hot, dancefloors have booty shaking girls all over da place.

Flashback 20 years: Women dress even skankier, shake hips even harder. Madonna is a trendsetter, dancing is even more sensual.

Flashback 10 years: Women are dressed sexy, women shake hips. Same story really. Britney Spears music videos are borderline soft core pornos. Women gyrate even harder.

Flashback last Saturday: Women stand at edge of dancefloor while drunk, zombie type dudes in stinky clothes bounce around to dubstep. No booty shaking to be seen anywhere. There is more sex appeal on the toliet seat in the men's room then on the dance floor area, and surrounding areas.

What is the future of dancefloors? I predict it will all be crowd of androgynous zombies dancing headbanging to trashcan lids banging together. And somewhere, totally underground, someone will pull out booty shaking tunes and secretly chicks who want to dance will gather and disco it up - And I will be their LEADER!

I mean cmon, Im not a fucking loser, but I think its sad that nowadays I like dancing more at weddings then at the bar. Ugg cant believe I just said that. Fuck I hate dubstep.

This Saturday at BullDogs

Have you read the BCDC article in the Fernie Fix this month, ha ha too funny!

Social Media Musings

Facebook is taking over the world. Facebook is everywhere. I feel like Facebook is at every point I turn, its my personal life, my business life, my hobbies, my interests, my family, my journal, my expression, my curiosity, my personal brand. I am completely obsessed with it just as the next person, but lately, when I think of how much its dominating the world, I'm having a little "Facebook Fatigue" and I know I am not going to win this battle. The cool factor is gone, now its become business.
Its like Facebook has become the Internet itself. And its become social interaction in itself. Instead of TV commercials flashing their website at the end of a 30 second spiel they announce "Sears Canada, Find us on Facebook" with that little blue icon thingy. Seriously? Find SEARS on Facebook? Why wouldn't they just say go to, where you can get more info and actually buy shit. Because (scary music) FB is the new Internet.
Or why did the so-called respected newspaper "The Globe and Mail" print a story today about the "Like" button. Because that fucking "Like" button is mighty powerful these days. See That Rant Here by the Lovely Hannah Sung. A story on the "Like" button applies to pretty much everyone, and appeals to everyone to read.
Even this blog you are reading, "Schoolyard Musings" is linked to its "Fan Page" on FB so that all my RSS feeds post onto the Fan Page. (Become a Fan Here LOLZ)

Currently, I am reading "Crush It" by Gary Vaynerchuk . This guy is basically saying, social media IS BUSINESS. So move over old methods and get on the fucking bandwagon so you don't get left behind. And its true, hes right. Social Media is now, its the future and its still evolving. Its just really mindfucking me lately. I tuned into watching Global News the other night, and what dawned on me was that nearly everything they were talking about was like OLD NEWS. Old because I had seen it on Twitter or some blog site earlier that WEEK OR that day. What is the future of TV Newscasts if we have this insanely new sophisticated network online? Crazy.

I was out for dinner with a lovely 30 something professional couple a small time ago. And naturally at some point in the dinner convo the word Facebook came up. And like "show and tell day" in fucking Kindergarten this woman pipes up and rudely interrupts me to point out and brag that she is not on the Facebook so there is no way she could know what I'm referring to. Politely I explained my story to her in words and phrases that she could understand. But this was my inner monologue: "HAHAAHHA you think you are soooooooo 'keep keep keeping it real' ehhhh!!! You are so hip and interesting that you haven't 'caved' into the addicting Facebook ehhhh lady. Wow what strength you have and what bragging rights you have, its as if I'm 300 pounds and you have just told me that you don't eat ice cream. Wow, lady, too bad for you that you remind me of those people in the 1990s that bragged that the Internet was a fad and to keep on faxing away. Get with the NOW or get waaaaaay left behind".

Yep that's what I thought in my head.

Truly, our world has been changing, its still changing. You can hang on to the old methods for nostalgia sakes or you can jump right in and start making it work for you. Facbook is a means to promote and develop your personal brand. It doesn't (and it shouldn't) act like an open book to your personal life. But this personal brand is whats going to get you your place in your community and career and other networking areas.

All this social media is spinning my head, its kinda overwhelming me, I know I'm not alone. But, I know that I gotta keep up, I gotta stay on top of it, cuz I don't want to get left behind. Throughout the movie "The Social Network", the Mark and Shawn character stressed about how Facebook had to remain "cool",  I feel it has officially lost its cool factor, but the weight of the impression has not been lifted and never will be. Its here to stay until we evolve with the next big thing.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winery Guests

Thanks to Mike Delich for organzing a lovely meet and greet wine tasting with the owners of Orofino Winery from the Similkameen Valley. Last Saturday, the young ballsy couple showcased their wines here in Fernie. Originally from Saskatchewan, they made the dream of making wine come true after 10 years of serious hardwork and dedication. They've earned thier bragging rights fair and square, and as they dazzled the room over at Fernie Vacation Properties while pouring their award winning wines, Fernie was enchanted and welcoming and sipping away the dreary Saturday evening rain.
The wines produced are so successful that many we tried were sold out for purchase.
Sometimes I think wine is best blended to acheive prefection, and their Bordeaux blend the 2008 Beleza was my standout of the tasting. Its smooth tannins, dark rich fig earthy goodness and vanilla cherry tones were the BEST way to end my work day and start my Saturday night with the ladies. This wine is available to purchase off thier website

The next meet and greet planned by Mr. Delich is the FAMED Shelly Adams, the author of the FAMOUS Whitewater Cookbooks. OMG I CANT wait to get my now, greasy, flour-ridden, well-used Whitewater Cookbook signed and meet this woman. Scheduled for Sat Feb 12th.

Great Idea Mike, hope this becomes a monthy party!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

HYPE!! Sneek Peek At LOGO

Wapiti - Fernie's New Music Fest Aug 19-20th is totally in the planning stages, shizz is already soundin' TIGHT!
Heres the new LOGO, courtesy of the Fernie Fix

Follow Updates on Twitter
Or Join the FBFan Page HERE

Can you believe Fernie is finally getting a FEST!! Ahhhhh Finally!

More Hipster Fun!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I thought I could pull a fast one. I bought a bottle of wine at Costco in Kalispel, and thought the boarder guards let me go without paying the duty. NOPE. So this bottle of Napa Valley Sledgehammer Zinfandel better be FAN-fucking-TASTIC. As I type this Im thinking, havent I written a blog about paying duty already??? ahhaha probabley.

Sledgehammer, Napa Valley, Zinfandel 2007. $14.99USD + CDN duty = $10000000.

This wine was a fucking monster! Smooth tannins, but a real punch in the face. The 14.5% alcohol also kicked my ass after one glass. the bouquet was, vanilla-cigar-dipped-in-blackberry-jam then the cigar was rolled around in lava rocks.  I loved it. Buuuuut moral of this love story is, paying duty is not worth it. Dont get all caught up in the moment with the sick selection and shiny lights in the USof A. Unless you are down there 48 hours and bring back the allowed ammount. Just Dont. Napa is like, my favorite place for Cab and Zin, but I coulda got a Chilean merlot for $12.99 and had the same experience, sans the epic buzz.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Clear Out!!


Spend $100 Save 10%

Spend $200 Save 20%
Includes Already Marked Down Merch!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Remark - Fernie Fix

But I Love Being a Pisces!

I dont know how this didnt get brought to my attention earlier, but OMG my whole life is a SHAM! all this tiem we have all been walking around thinking our Zodiac sign was what we were told at birth. Then Boom! Science has gotta go and prove thats is alll wrong.
Bascially in a nutshell, the Zodiac is based on the position the sun was when you were born. BUT those coodinates we use to measure where the Sun was for our Zodiac sign is based on where the earth was 2200 years ago, and now that modern science has proved that the Earth "wobbles" due to some magnetic thingy, the coodiates were slipping shall we say. SO, your sign MAY not be what it actrualy was when you were born!!! AHHHH
This is crazy, I LOVE being a pisces, its decribes me sooo perfectly, I have embodied it, maybe I have been fullfilling this prophecy my whole life. Cant believe Im really an Aquarius, fuck.

Capricorn - Jan 20 to Feb 16

Aquarius - Feb 16 to Mar 11

Pisces - Mar 11 to Apr 18

Aries - Apr 18 to May 13

Taurus - May 13 to Jun 21

Gemini - Jun 21 to Jul 20

Cancer - Jul 20 to Aug 10

Leo - Aug 10 to Sep 16

Virgo - Sep 16 to Oct 30

Libra - Oct 30 to Nov 23

Scorpius - Nov 23 to Nov 29

Ophiuchus - Nov 29 to Dec 17

Sagittarius - Dec 17 to Jan 20

TAKE THE TEST - What your real sign?

Friday, December 31, 2010

You know those people who post the stupidest shit on their Facebook, those "friends" that irrate the shit outta you, well, welcome to, you can submit thier riduculous shit for others to laugh at.

Hap Hap Happy New Years Eve Fernie

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Day

New Years Day is a Saturday, sooo couple shops will be opening up downtown Fernie for some local shopping and still rocking some sick Boxing Week sales. Boardstiff, Grow, Freyja...thats all I know so far, but send down the women and non-hockey-watchers and non-skiers.


CBC Radio 3

Smalltown is working the CBC, niicely done. Radio 3 wants to get more Canadian electronic music up on the ol digital airwaves. Neat. Click Here to Smalltown Podcast on Radio 3 This podcast is all Canadian artists. Perhaps a great mix for intermissions for tommorows Canada vs.Sweeden matchup. Go Canada!


Delish! McDonalds Blueberry and Maple Pie! Just Lovely! It was a heavenly delight for one dollar it cost! MMMMM
New Years Weight Resolutions can start on the 2nd.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Presidents Choice

How Smart!! In the deli area at Extra Foods you can get prechopped chirizo sausage for cheese trays!! SO good and smart and easy! I love!!! Its right by the sliced prociutto. Try it with a stout cheese! MMM

Ill start my cleanse AFTER New Years!

Boxing Week Continues

Boxing Week At Freyja Continues

Emus $99
GentleFawn Vest $29
Party Dress 30-50% Off
Hoodies, SLASHED
Fidelity Jeans $50-$100 OFF


Sluggish Concert Sales

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that many concert tickets will be slashed in prices this next year, due to a shiiity concert season. Some concerts are even scrapping dates and tours all together like The Eagles and Lillth Fair.
Sure, mainstream concerts have taken a hit, but what about festivals, Shambhalas 2011 first tier was sold out a long time ago in record time I heard, Sasquatch's tickets are selling already.
Another thing Ive noticed is the shift in mainstream music. And who more appropriate to demonstrate the shift then the Black Eyed Peas, there new no.1 single "Dirty Bit" sounds like a raver song from 2 years ago. Perhaps the new mainstream is the Shambhala'ers. Last year at Sham, I certainly noticed that the "clientele" had changed over a bit, "Calgary-university-chinook-centre-boppin-average-people-talking huge shit about how wasted they are". Do you know what I mean. Sham was soooo mainstream and trendy. It makes me want to retreat and backoff and go find something more grassroots. The evolution of concert attending to that particular audience is gone raver. No one actrually listens to the new Rhianna, they downloard the Chew Fu remix verisons.
So, if you are a festival Id say you are in for a great year, if your band is headling the Saddledome, Id be scared.
Ohhhhh speaking of Festivals, and a shitty economy. the Fernie Music Fest, WAPITI, will be in your backyard and sooo affordably priced! Oh awesome! And so grassroots! Dont fight the guy in the Hooters shirt for a porta-pottie, just step into your backyard and buy an overpriced beer here! Support local!
(my shameless WAPTIT promotion is only going to grow over the next year because I really believe in the concept and the party)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best of 2010

Whooa yes, 2010, Year of the Tiger. It was crazy for me, how about you?

My Top 2010 Memories:

1. My Jan 1st New Years Day party
2. Fuck A Bitch shirts
3. Watching the Olympics and commentating over BBM with Jenn
4.Winning the Body Paint comp at the Central
5. Canada winning gold in hockey, and then the party after
6. The polenta at Picnic on my birthday
7. Waking up with a matching tattoo with ET
9. Boating and Boozing at Nakusp Music Fest
10. The Log Ride at Silverwood with my sis
11. Driving The Road to the Sun with Ryan
12. Shambhala 2010 "preperations"
13. Cuban dinner at Kookanusa with Lwren and Culley
14. Staying up at Island Lake with Lwrennie
15. Canada Day with Ryan
16. Canning my first batch
17. Joan Jett in concert
18. CALI 2010 with Jenn
19. Winning Young Entreprenuer of the Year
20. Fitting into a hot red dress for As Good As Gold Gala
21. High Fiving Lindsay after the Gala
22. Numerous sushi dinners of importance
23. Passing my wine exam with a 97%
24. Christmas 2010
25. Getting turned away from the Spearmint Rhino for being too pretty


I look at this list. I am so blessed, I am overjoyed. and I sure spent alot on booze!